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the Primitive way


Once considered the most important spiritual pilgrimage path in Europe, this wonderful legacy reaches our days full of mysticism, history, tradition and culture. The Primitive Way will captivate you with the charm of its landscapes, its people and its gastronomy. Our endeavor, in Camino de Asturias, is to create unique and unforgettable experiences on the Camino de Santiago and that is why we offer you different ways  to get to Santiago de Compostela, following the steps of King Alfonso II, the first pilgrim of the history, along the Camino Primitivo.



Discover the Primitive Way adding a bit of comfort and relax to the  experience. This package includes accommodation in private rooms in hotels and lodging houses. The perfect option for those pilgrims and couples who prefer a little privacy at the end of each stage.

camino de santiago primitivo, deluxe


Discover the Primitive Way with our most exclusive and elegant package. Includes accommodation in charming hotels, wellness experience and traditional tasting dinner. This service it is thought for those pilgrims and couples who wish to enjoy the Camino with the highest quality and pleasures included.



Discover the Primitive Way in group. Join our organised trips or let us design the trip with your group of friends. This is the most economic and flexible option, specially created for those pilgrims who would like to walk in a organised tour in company.


It tells the story that shortly after discovering the tomb of the Apostle Santiago, Alfonso II the Chaste, king of Asturias, decided to march from his court in Oviedo to confirm by himself this event and venerate the Saint. This opens up, in the ninth century, what is now known as the Primitive Way, in Spanish Camino Primitivo, and thus becoming the Asturian king in the first pilgrim of the story

Over the centuries, this route would be displaced by other more popular, such as the French Way, although many pilgrims still continue to divert from León to Oviedo to venerate the Cathedral of San Salvador de Oviedo and the relics of the Holy Chamber (declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, altogether with the architectural ensemble of Asturian Pre-Romanesque) and continuing the pilgrimage along the Primitive Way.

"Quien va a Santiago y no al Salvador, visita al criado y deja al Señor"

Spanish quote: "Who goes to Santiago and not to San Salvador, visits the servant and leaves the Lord"

The complete route, declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2015, goes from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela passing through the city of Lugo. It is about 315 kilometers, which can be divided into several stages of approximately 25 kilometers each. It runs mostly along trails, paths and secondary roads, through small towns and rural villages, in a privileged natural environment. It stands out, in addition to its natural landscapes, by its moderate hardness and the still little presence of pilgrims, making the experience for all pilgrims something unique and unforgettable. Buen Camino!

mapa camino primitivo
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